Wednesday, 12 July 2017

2 months without mobile phone

I'm actually 6 weeks into living without that gadget in my pocket, and only now I start to really understand why people do this - and start to get really enthused about it. So this article will be updated on a regular basis. My notes in the first weeks were rather dull:


"So 7 days ago I ditched my smartphone, and 
I'm sitting here waiting for a remarkable insight or intelligent conclusion of my experience but, damn, nothing pops up. 

Only the first day was strange, that urgent feel that I was missing out on something or someone could not get hold of me. That very quickly evaporated though. 

The only remarkable insight so far is just how unremarkable it is".


"Nothing changed. Zip. A colleague told me I seemed to be more relax than before, but that might as well have been because I'm in holiday at the same time. Life has continued exactly as before. As though I never was a smartphone addict - and as though that smartphone never contributed anything that was unmissable. That in itself might be tale-telling. 

If I have to think of some positives, these would be: 

1. An appointment is an appointment again (olĂ©!) - There's just no way to let me know you would be 15 minutes late or 'have to cancel'. I've got my friends trained really well in that respect. 

2. Following from the above: I've got more time and more energy: I'm no longer busy half of the day organizing the other half. Gosh, looking back I was a walking call centre, and that on top of my normal job. Especially the last 2 years it seemed that every day was a chain reaction of calls postponing something and then informing it was not postponed at all, ... ad infinitum. 

3. And this is the Big One: nobody can call me from a supermarket asking me whether I prefer the orange juice with the pulp or without the pulp!  I have no idea when that level of superficiality surfaced in our lives... how did we do that before the invention of the mobile phone? Did we find those things... important"?

They say a mobile phone can save your life - or what will you do when you have an accident and... I must have been in pretty few life threatening situations this month, for not once I said: "God, how I wish I had a mobile phone".

On the other hand, it's also not so that anything major has changed - I'm lukewarm about the whole experience".

('Experience', really?  
I grew up and lived 30 years without a mobile phone, and today not having one is... an experience?)

Will be continued... soon.


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